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Attractive design, intuitive user guidance

Permanently installed control units for air and water heaters: Our EasyStart family

EasyStart Pro

One control knob, many functions

Product benefits:

  • Long-press function for immediate heating
  • Current operating mode can be seen at a glance
  • Three programmable timer locations
  • Integrated temperature sensor
  • Option of controlling two heaters at the same time, including a combination of air heater and water heater
  • Diagnostic function for user and the workshop

To the video

The illuminated color ring around the control knob indicates the operating status

Operating status: heating

Operating status: ventilation

Operating status: use of residual heat from the warm engine.

Pre-heater remote control when combined with EasyStart Web

The economical solution

PCK 3 for convectors

Operating convectors is fast and easy with the PCK 3 manual control unit with three fan speeds. The robust, easy-to-install control unit is extremely reliable even in harsh operating conditions. The attractive design blends seamlessly with the vehicle interior.

EasyStart Timer

A glimpse is all it takes

Product benefits:

  • Fast and easy operation, even at night
  • Display can be activated using any button
  • Three programmable timer locations
  • Heating/ventilation
  • Status messages (interior temperature)
  • Adjustment of running time (Hydronic) / target temperature in 1 °C increments (Airtronic)

EasyStart Select

Ideal for non-road use

Product benefits:

  • Robust construction, easy to operate

  • Display can be activated using any button

  • Alternating display of setpoint and actual values (during operation)

  • Option for switching between heating and ventilation

  • Standard settings: continuous heating (Airtronic) and 60 min. heating/ventilation (Hydronic)


Focus on what’s important

Product benefits:

  • Fast and easy operation, even at night
  • Heating/ventilation
  • Heating performance steplessly adjustable