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Digital services

e-connected: Cloud-based service by Eberspächer

Products are getting smarter, and Eberspächer helps control them

e-connected: the digital control center from Eberspächer

The specially developed e-connected platform in the cloud forms the basis for all digital services from Eberspächer. GPS trackers or sensors collect data for transfer to the cloud via a gateway in each vehicle. Diverse data-based services can be developed for various customer segments using this intelligent network. For enhanced efficiency, transparency and safety. Cold chain monitoring, for example.

Cold chain monitoring

Perfectly cooled from point A to point B, and always under control

The cold chain monitoring service enables continuous analysis of the refrigerated container temperature: Using the connected gateway and a temperature sensor installed in the refrigerated container, the system collects data items such as temperature, GPS position, battery capacity and the container’s vibration behavior. The data can be monitored and evaluated in real time via the networked e-connected portal. Companies can track the cold chain along the entire route thanks to the option of downloading detailed transport temperature results.