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Eberspächer Airtronic and Hydronic

Diesel, gasoline or ethanol operated air and water heaters

Fuel operated pre-heaters as air or water heaters

Two technologies, one goal: maximum comfort

Eberspächer pre-heaters are the right choice when it comes to safer, more pleasant living and working on the go in freezing weather conditions. Our products and technologies tailored specifically to meet diverse customer requirements enable us to implement customized solutions quickly and precisely. Eberspächer Airtronic and Hydronic technologies ensure maximum comfort with diesel, gasoline or ethanol operated pre-heaters as air or water heaters.

Airtronic air heaters

Fast, quiet, with capacity to spare

Eberspächer Airtronic heaters use a fan to heat the air inside the vehicle. This spreads the heat very quickly, and the low fuel and electricity consumption means that the interior temperature can be maintained for an extended period. The nearly silent Eberspächer Airtronic is therefore ideally suited to keeping driver’s cabs or motor homes warm at night, for example.

Power range from 2 to 8 kW

Hydronic water heaters

The efficient heat source for the interior and engine

Since the Eberspächer Hydronic is integrated in the cooling water circuit, it heats not only the passenger compartment but can also pre-heat the engine of suitable vehicles at standstill. This allows it to combine maximum comfort with stable heating performance and low fuel consumption. Even in the depths of winter, you enter a pleasantly warm vehicle and benefit from ice-free windows. In camping or boating applications, the Eberspächer Hydronic can be combined with a boiler to heat tap water. On vehicle models with pre-heatable engines, starting is gentler on the engine, is less of a burden on the battery, consumes less fuel and so saves on emissions.

Power range from 4 to 35 kW

Water blower heaters

The perfect temperature for vehicles of any size

The ideal solution as an additional heater for water operated heating systems. For the interiors of vans, minibuses or other special-purpose vehicles. Available in various power ratings and with flexible installation options. Additionally available as A/C or HVAC. With a comprehensive range of suitable accessories.