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Heating and cooling accessories

From remote controls and climate control systems to temperature sensors

A well-thought-out, integrated product range

Range of professional heating and cooling products

We continuously enhance our products, always considering the needs of those who use or install them. We want to make living and working more comfortable for you, and easier as well. It’s all about the total package with the right solution for any situation. Always perfectly matched, always with the user’s requirements in mind. The Eberspächer product range covers everything from control systems and remote controls to sensors.

Control units

Vehicle heaters and climate control systems

Vehicle heaters:

A/C systems:

A/C systems and heaters combined:

Diagnostic tool

EasyScan for pre-heaters

The EasyScan diagnostic tool supports all heaters and control units from Eberspächer, providing comprehensive evaluation of the current operating states including function tests and fault analyses on devices and components. It also assists with commissioning the heater application.

An expanded scope of functions is integrated, particularly for EasyStart Pro, for heaters with CAN communication and for EasyStart Web.

Fan module EasyFan

Vehicle-specific programming

EasyFan is factory-programmed to implement the required fan output, air and fan flap settings automatically for different passenger cars. EasyFan is included with Hydronic 1, 2 and S3 Hydronic and is individually preprogrammed for the following passenger car makes: Audi, BMW, Citroen, Ford, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, Peugeot, Renault, Skoda, Seat, Toyota, Volkswagen.
For all other makes and models, it is advisable to use the self-learning IPCU, which automatically sets the fan level according to a previously learned pattern.

EasyFix fuel tank extractor

Installation couldn’t be simpler

EasyFix considerably speeds up the installation of pre-heaters or additional heaters in passenger cars. There’s no need to remove the fuel tank, which can save 30 to 45 minutes of time, depending on the mechanic’s experience. EasyFix was specially designed for plastic fuel tanks and is simple to install without special tools.

Roof-mounted fans

Coordinated with modern vehicle designs

Eberspächer roof-mounted fans provide ideal ventilation in the interiors of vehicles such as ambulances, vans minibuses and midibuses. A well-thought-out range of suitable accessories permits installation even on ribbed roofs.

Trimline air outlets

Air at its finest

Following the latest dashboard design aesthetic, our designers and engineers developed Trimline to create a contemporary look for the vehicle air outlets in keeping with the “form follows function” principle. With different design, function and installation options tailored to match different vehicle interiors. What’s more, the durable, high-quality plastic elements are easy to install.

KanBox HVAC management system

The control center

KanBox enables central control of all HVAC components in the vehicle and connects them with the vehicle’s diagnostic system via CAN bus. They can then be controlled individually using the vehicle’s control units. This eliminates the need for an additional control unit in the driver’s cab, saving space and preserving the look of the interior design.

Installation accessories

Perfect down to the last screw

Eberspächer is your source for all components required for professional installation and commissioning of heating or air conditioning systems. Valves, control units, air, water and A/C system connections and pumps, etc.
And our technicians are at your disposal to answer any questions you may have about the products or their installation. We look forward to talking to you.