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Climate control for commercial and special-purpose vehicles

Customized solutions for every application

Factory equipped or retrofit, whether gasoline or diesel operated

Air conditioning and heaters for installation – thermal management for commercial and special-purpose vehicles

From OEM installation, to retrofitting in motor homes, to thermal management in ambulances and in the cabs of special-purpose construction and agricultural machines, Eberspächer’s comprehensive portfolio guarantees comfortable temperatures in virtually any vehicle type – including diesel operated – whether in freezing or sweltering outdoor temperatures.
And we are more than just a manufacturer of heaters and air conditioners. Eberspächer’s smart connectivity solutions support applications from heaters for your motor home to full management for commercial and special-purpose vehicles. Whatever your requirement, we have the right solution.

Construction machines

Our air conditioning solutions for driver’s cabs provide the necessary comfort to keep machine operators alert and safe in all seasons. Our pre-heaters can be used to pre-heat engines and cabs in winter.

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Agricultural and forestry machines

We supply every possible solution for agricultural and forestry machines, from engine pre-heating to heating, climate control and HVAC solutions. Our special cab pressure system for agricultural machines ensures that dust and pollutant emissions are kept out of the cab.

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Motor homes

Our diesel and gasoline heaters offer the perfect combination of maximum independence and ultimate comfort. Save space and weight by heating your vehicle using fuel from its tank.

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Utility and cargo vehicles

Service vehicles, goods transport, or vans for tradespeople: utility and cargo vehicles are custom-equipped according to what they are designed for. Eberspächer tailors its thermal management products in just the same way. This guarantees the right climate, whether for the whole vehicle or just in the driver’s cab, whether a combustion engine or e-mobility.

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Passenger cars

For discerning car drivers who value winter comfort from the moment they set off. We supply retrofit pre-heaters plus smart control units for a wide range of vehicles.

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Electric mini vehicles

Densely populated city centers and stringent emissions regulations are driving increased demand for highly compact, all-electric vehicles. Our range of heating and cooling solutions keeps these vehicles comfortable at all times.

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Minibuses and midibuses

Comfort is a priority in passenger transport: Eberspächer products provide a comfortable climate in minibuses and midibuses. At the same time, they keep the driver fresh, ensuring road and passenger safety.

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A well-rested truck driver is a good truck driver. This applies in both summer and winter, which is why we supply a range of outstanding heating and cooling solutions for almost any cab.

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Tailor-made heating and cooling solutions from Eberspächer meet the demanding thermal management requirements of rescue vehicles. Whether in the patient compartment or the driver’s cab, optimum climate control meets legal requirements and creates the conditions for rescue workers to perform at their best.

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Public safety

When emergency rescue services are called out, whether a fire department, police force or other rescue organizations, every second counts and maximum concentration is crucial. Eberspächer’s heating and air conditioning solutions provide the ideal vehicle climate even in the most demanding situations, enabling emergency service teams to perform at their best, every time.

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Defense vehicles are deployed in diverse climate conditions across the world. Heating and air conditioning solutions from Eberspächer are extraordinarily reliable, which makes them a compelling choice for military use. Our robust products meet the highest requirements and are also used for thermal management in special-purpose vehicles and mobile containers.


Our high-quality boat and yacht heaters provide on-board comfort, prevent condensation from forming and therefore ensure that your cabin and clothing stay dry.

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