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Heat from electricity – factory equipped or retrofitted

Electrical pre-heaters, air heaters and convectors as additional heaters

Basic heating, pre-heating, additional heating

All-electric heat from various sources

It’s the planned application that counts. The best solution is often heat from electricity.
Whether you use power from the socket outlet or from the vehicle’s battery, whether your heater was factory installed or retrofitted, you’re always on the safe side with Eberspächer pre-heaters, air heaters and convectors as additional heaters for passenger cars, trucks, vans and special-purpose vehicles.

Titronic high-voltage water heater

The ideal heater for electric vehicles

Users of electric vehicles don't want to go without the comfort of heating that they are used to in combustion engine vehicles. That's why a suitable heating system is just as important as the battery conditioning, which helps to extend service life, reduce charging time and increase range.
This is where the third generation of Eberspächer's high-voltage PTC heater comes in, providing the benefits of battery conditioning and heating comfort for special series from body manufacturers and OEMs.

The main benefits:

  • Heating performance from 0% to 100% in just a few seconds
  • Compact design, versatile installation options
  • Simple system integration

Plugtronic electrical pre-heater

Comfort from the socket outlet

Perfect for use in garages and car ports: Intelligently combining a water heater with an air heater, the Eberspächer Plugtronic pre-heats the engine and passenger compartment entirely without emissions.

The main benefits:

  • Simple retrofitting, fast installation
  • Suitable for short distances as well (the battery charger compensates for the heating system’s load on the battery)
  • Perfectly coordinated modular system

Electrical blower heaters

Exactly the performance you need

Absolutely reliable. Absolutely safe. Equipped with decades of expertise from Kalori. Eberspächer convectors with PTC elements are available in many performance classes, voltages and sizes, and are easily adaptable to suit all customer requirements. For a perfectly fine-tuned vehicle climate.