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Customized solutions from Eberspächer

From split systems or rooftop-mounted air conditioning systems to mobile refrigerators and containers

Perfect climate for drivers, passengers and cargo

The right temperature is not only more comfortable, it enhances productivity as well

Despite sweltering outdoor temperatures, work must go on at full concentration in driver’s cabs around the world, passengers must remain safe, drivers must perform at their best, and perishable goods must reach their destinations while still fresh.
As specialists in integrated thermal management, we have therefore developed a broad spectrum of cooling solutions that can be adapted to specific conditions and installation situations in line with the requirements imposed by diverse industries and climate zones. Rooftop-mounted and split air conditioning systems, mobile refrigerators and refrigerated containers from Eberspächer ensure the perfect temperature for freight and the driver at all times.

Rooftop air conditioning systems

The aerodynamic cooling unit

Rooftop-mounted air conditioning systems are the perfect solution in any air conditioning system retrofit or complicated installation situation. All climate control components are assembled into a compact, aerodynamically optimized unit. We offer an economical overall solution that meets the specifications and cooling performance requirements. Suitable installation kits and accessories for ideal air distribution are also available. Straightforward retrofitting is always guaranteed.

Parking coolers

Protects the environment, the battery and your ears

Eberspächer offers two economical cooling systems, developed according to ecological principles, to keep vehicle interiors cool during breaks or at night as well: the water-based Ebercool and the Cooltronic designed specially for trucks, with CFC-free refrigerant.

Split systems

The perfect climate control modular system

Technical excellence, uncompromising quality and a custom product range make Eberspächer the perfect partner for vehicle climate control. We offer the ideal system solution for any application, designed specifically for the respective use and conditions in each vehicle.

Cab pressure systems

Dust and pollutants stay outside

Combining a filter system with optimally dosed excess pressure keeps the cab air clean, and the driver can work safely and at ease. Dust particles and pollutants are filtered from the cab air or kept out of the cab interior entirely. K Protec enables cab certification in accordance with EN 15695, category 4, and is easy to combine with HVAC systems from Eberspächer.