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Vehicle heaters

Are you looking for a skilled expert for thermal management, who provides not only the right climate whatever the challenge, but also warmth in all kinds of vehicles? Then Eberspächer is just the partner you need.

Our electrical or fuel-powered vehicle heaters are the perfect extension to our air conditioning systems. These let you pre-heat the engine, and heat the cab and passenger compartment or cargo area. All components, from the fan to the electronics, are also suited for use in commercial vehicles. A wide range of accessories ensure quick installation and simple, trouble-free operation. We are one of very few suppliers able to combine air conditioning and heating elements in a single system, and control them together. This way, you are guaranteed a constant temperature in the vehicle whenever you need it, all year round – your one-stop shop for thermal management.

Hydronic water heaters

The advantage of Eberspächer water heaters is that they pre-heat both the vehicle interior and the engine, with a power spectrum of 4 to 35 kW of heating power. They are usually installed compactly in the engine compartment and integrated into the cooling water circuit. The heat is emitted by convectors.

Airtronic air heaters

Eberspächer air heaters quickly deliver the required warmth quietly and extremely efficiently. We also have a wide variety of products here, with fuel-powered air heaters from 2 to 8 kW.

Plugtronic Electrical Pre-Heater

Eberspächer’s Plugtronic is the ideal entry model for engine and interior pre-heating. This quiet electrical pre-heating system is an impressive combination of a 230 V water heater and a compact air heater. It is easy to retrofit in many vehicles.

Titronic High-Voltage Coolant Heater

In addition to providing the comfort of heating, Eberspächer’s Titronic high-voltage coolant heater conditions the batteries in electric and hybrid vehicles. The Titronic CHHV 50 G3 heats the interior via the vehicle’s convector, producing high heating performance in seconds. It can be installed in special series from body manufacturers and OEMs.