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Duratronic - Compact roof-mounted AC systems

Duratronic - kompakte Dachklimaanlage

The Duratronic 1500, 2000 and Duratronic 2400 are integrated electric AC systems which consist of a condenser, evaporator and electric compressor in a single unit. The AC systems are powered directly by the battery or an external power supply (12/24 V).

  • Compact roof-top system with integrated heavy-duty electric compressor
  • Very sturdy, robust design and construction
  • Especially suitable for air-conditioning of driver cabins for off-road applications
  • Constant cooling performance which is independent of engine speed
  • Pre-charged system to reduce installation time
  • Suitable for all applications where it is difficult to install a conventional A/C unit with engine-driven compressor
  • Suitable for vehicles with or without hatch
  • Can operate as a no-idle (engine off) A/C unit for limited periods such as lunch break
  • Available in 24V (1,5 / 2,4 kW) and 12V (2 kW) models
  • Available with manual control or automatic temperature control