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The mobile compressor refrigerated containers for transporters, delivery vans or freezers

Our compressor refrigerated containers are the flexible, convenient solution for professional users who have to transport perishable goods at constant temperatures in conventional vehicles or delivery vans, while complying with standards.

The advantages of the mobile compressor refrigerated containers from Eberspächer are clear: Purchasing and maintenance costs are significantly lower compared to complete cooling modifications. Furthermore, no additional cooling units or special vehicle equipment is required. Depending on the model, the compressor refrigerated containers are simply secured in the vehicle and provided with electrical power. They represent an independent 'complete system' within the vehicle. The large containers additionally feature metal feet, allowing them to be transported with a pallet jack or forklift. This makes them particularly suitable for fleet vehicles and leased vehicles.

Most of the compressor refrigerated containers are also available with an integrated heating function in order to maintain a constant transport temperature, regardless of the ambient temperature. This permits temperature control from –30 °C to +40 °C, additionally allowing mixed tours without difficulty.

Overview of product variants

All refrigerated containers are made from robust rotomoulded polyethylene and are particularly easy to clean. Certified refrigerated containers satisfying the strict GDP guidelines for pharmaceutical transport are also available.

Product data sheet for GDP-certified refrigerated container 915 L

The compressor refrigerated containers are versatile:

Logistics industry:

  • Pharmaceutical logistics industry (wholesale trade)
  • Medical industry (blood transport, blood samples, insulin, vaccines, organs)
  • Pharmacies
  • Laboratory requirements (water samples, DNA, etc.)

Food industry:

  • Ice cream vendors/transport/parlors
  • Seafood dealers
  • Restaurant industry (catering, seafood, sushi, etc.)
  • Vending machine operators (food/snacks)
  • Bakers/confectioners

The following variants are available: