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Cooltronic: the engine-independent parking cooler for trucks that ensures perfect conditions for drivers

Along with our pre-heaters, our parking coolers also form part of our comprehensive air conditioning systems for use during breaks and rest periods, creating a comfortable atmosphere whether the engine is running or switched off.

Hot summer nights in the cab can be extremely unpleasant. High temperatures prevent peaceful sleep, reducing the driver's performance the next day.

The Cooltronic air conditioning systems from Eberspächer ensure a comfortable temperature and also reduce humidity. The system's main advantage is that, the system works completely independently of the engine – as opposed to conventional air conditioning solutions. This not only saves fuel, but also protects the environment. The driver can also begin the day full of energy again after a relaxing night. Not to mention the fact that the cab climate is always right, even during other "standstill" times in the hot season.

A vehicle should be cooled in the most unobtrusive and environmentally friendly way possible. Cooltronic also saves money.

  • Environmentally friendly cooling with the engine switched off.
    It is no longer necessary to run the vehicle's engine at night or during other breaks in order to allow the air conditioner to function. Cooltronic works when the engine is off. This protects the environment and the engine.
  • Well-being, comfort and better performance:
    Thanks to its innovative technology, Cooltronic functions perfectly well when the windows are closed. Heat, humidity, dust, noise and annoying insects stay outside. This ensures a peaceful and pleasant sleep for the driver, improves performance the next day and reduces the risk of accidents.
  • No maintenance:
    Cooltronic's mature technology does not require complicated maintenance – no time-consuming visits to the service department and no topping up with water. All that is recommended is regular operation, including in the cooler months (operation only possible above 17 °C), similar to the air conditioning systems found in passenger cars.
  • Simple and quick installation:
    Cooltronic was designed especially for simple, quick installation. The Cooltronic Hatch systems, for example, are supplied ready to operate with CFC-free coolant. There is no need to weld connecting pipes or refill with coolant.
  • Intelligent engineering:
    Cooltronic functions with a condenser unit mounted on the outside of the cab. It is not necessary to open the window.
  • Powerful fan:
    The powerful Cooltronic fan quickly cools the cab to a pleasant temperature, even during brief breaks – completely independently of the engine.
  • Low consumption:
    Cooltronic consumes only a little energy, which protects the vehicle battery. Integrated undervoltage protection ensures that there is enough electricity to start the engine at all times.
  • All for one:
    Eberspächer is backed by a highly effective sales and customer service network throughout Europe. So you're sure to find a competent contact in your neighbourhood.

The following Cooltronic variants are available:

The following vehicle-specific installation kits are currently available for Eberspächer Cooltronic G2 Hatch parking coolers, along with the universal installation kits:

Installation kits Cooltronic