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Breezonic – Parking cooler (230 V) for mobile applications, special-purpose vehicles and motor homes

Breezonic – Parking cooler (230 V)

The Breezonic 3000 is designed for installation on the roof of special-purpose vehicles and commercial vehicles. The AC system operates on 230 V/50 Hz power from the electricity grid or a sine-wave-inverter-equipped generator. The recommended generator capacity for this unit is 2.4 kVA continuous power. The Breezonic 3000 is equipped with a centrally mounted air distribution unit and an infrared remote control.

  • Extremely slim and aerodynamic design
  • Very quick interior cooling by means of preset quick cooling function
  • Compact system with very low weight
  • Operating voltage 230 V/50 Hz
  • Combined reverse cycle cooling and heating
  • Remote control with timer for setting switching on/off times
  • Sleek and stylish air distribution unit ensures minimal loss of space in the interior
  • Quiet operation with a three-speed fan
  • Easy installation thanks to plug & play solution, as refrigerant is prefilled and there is no need to interfere with the refrigerant circuit
  • Especially suitable for:

    • Mobile command and control centres
    • Mobile medical stations
    • TV and film broadcast vehicles
    • Mobile hospitality units
    • Large motor homes

Breezonic – Parking cooler (230 V)