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Fabian Lentsch and the Snowmads Crew

The Snowmads are a group of skiers and friends, who are on a global tour in their modified motor home – always looking for the ultimate adventure.

Fabian Lentsch’s circle of friends, who make up the Snowmads project, have invested a lot of blood, sweat and tears into building an offroad motor home for long distance travel. They use it to discover new backcountry lines and meet new people and cultures.

Just enjoying life

The Snowmads are more than just a crew. They represent a lifestyle that has absolutely nothing to do with the typical “nine to five” rat race. The Snowmads also use their skiing, traveling and extreme sports as a means of researching the secrets of our planet. They travel around in their expedition vehicle, living as modern nomads, staying wherever they happen to stop, with the aim of discovering the regional way of life. For them, the “real” traveling starts as soon as they are forced to leave their own perspective behind, and share another’s.

Mobile expeditions

Fabian and his Snowmads Crew friends are out to discover the world. They are on the lookout for mountains and lines that have never been skied on before. They spent eight months working on an old fire engine to make it fit for living in on long journeys. An Eberspächer air and water heater provides for comfortable temperatures on board. Even in the most remote regions, and under the most severe conditions, e.g. winter in the Caucasus, our products provide optimal and reliable comfort.

Expanding horizons

On the “Snowmad’s” expeditions, Fabian Lentsch along with some of the best freeriders in the world, which he counts as his friends, discovers the most adventurous skiing regions and partakes in adventures that he would have never had as a professional on the Freeride World Tour. “It’s not only about finding a place to ski. We really want to expand the horizons that we have as professional athletes!” explains Fabian and his colleagues while already planning their next expedition.

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