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Danny MacAskill

Mountain bike and social media star

Thrills, wild jumps and millions of YouTube fans around the world – the life of bike pro Danny MacAskill is one of extremes. His stunts and films are admired like fine art and have a cult following. They take him to the most picturesque, exposed and fantastical locations on earth. Danny shows what it means to repeatedly go beyond your personal limits – not only physically, but also mentally. Danny clearly always insists on only the best material and the best partners.

Scotland’s shooting star

Danny MacAskill’s story sounds like a fairy tale. His career as a professional mountain bike rider kicked off quite quickly after he released his first street trials video on YouTube on April 19, 2009. The mere five-and-a-half-minute clip was clicked several hundred thousand times on its first day and has been viewed over 38 million times to date. From then on, the world loved Danny and his breathtaking stunts

Courage and creativity

In just seven months, Danny grew from being a bicycle mechanic to an internationally recognized superstar. From “Inspired Bicycles” released in 2009 through to “Wee Day Out” released in 2016, MacAskill’s career is full of heart, courage and lots of creativity! Now Danny is on tour. He is traveling around the globe with a team of the best trial riders, on his own “Drop and Roll Tour.”

The whole world is his home

Danny MacAskill has now become one of the world’s best-known biking professionals. Millions of fans on all social media channels, impressive performances on his own tour and many other worldwide events are now just part of his routine. The Eberspächer brand always accompanies him on his travels. It comes as no surprise that Danny’s first camper van has been equipped with the latest Eberspächer products.

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