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Boats and yachts

Every boat has its own special quirks and characteristics that an Eberspächer marine heater must cope with: smaller boats require other solutions than 65-foot yachts. Whether your boat is a sailboat or a motorboat makes a difference, and the selection of Eberspächer products is just as great. With available heating power values from 850 to 35,000 W, you will surely find the right solution. You can be assured of always receiving the ideal solution for your requirement from Eberspächer.

A heater that fits your exact needs is very important to you. That’s why Eberspächer offers two different systems for you to choose from. Eberspächer air heaters focus on providing heat for the interior, thereby creating a snug, cozy atmosphere especially quickly. Eberspächer water heaters do even more – they also heat your wash water, so you have hot water at the turn of the tap – both in the shower and the galley.
Using an Eberspächer boat heater means benefiting from world leading technology. Eberspächer heater systems have been setting the standard for decades – and not just in the marine sector, but also in all branches of the passenger car sector. Eberspächer is a leading original equipment manufacturer in boats today, and for many types of boat you can order your Eberspächer directly from the shipyard. We have established a global partner network to ensure professional retrofitting.